Bishop International Core Criteria.

Engines must turn 360 degrees.

If an engine does not turn 360 degrees, 9 times out of 10 the block is broken internally. It is almost always the case that the crank is seized or a rod is broken causing a hole or crack INSIDE the wall of the block. These engines will be purchased according to what we can use from what remains (heads, oil pans, etc.). We try not to pay scrap if possible.

Engines must have no holes or cracks in the blocks.

Engines must not have broken heads. The published price for Gas Engines is for BLOCK & HEADS. If the heads are broken there will be a deduction of ½ the published price.

Diesel Engines must come with turbo, pump, & all injection in order to receive the published price. Please call for pricing on Diesel Engines that are missing parts. They may be purchased at a lesser price than published.

Transmissions must be free of breaks and/or repaired (welded) cases. They must include the torque converter. However, if the torque is not there, no deduction will be made. Please send the torque converter with all units. An engine or transmission received that meets the above criteria will be purchased at the price that was published when it was put in the box.